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Assure Consulting & Employment Services


We provide dynamic consulting services to a diverse range of clients in a variety of industries:


Custodian, Dishwasher, IT Support, Office Clerical, Customer Service, Graphic Artist, Web Design, Warehouse, Assembly, Business Analyst, Auto Detailer, Corporate Trainer, Grocery Bagger, Construction, Retail Associate, Car Rental Associate, Case Manager, CNA, Limo Driver, Teacher or Butcher.


We feel there is no career path too large, too small or too hard for us. If you are qualified, serious and motivated we can get you hired!

Generation Next


We know how important our youth are to our future and we are passionate about helping them succeed. From high school to college we are there to help overcome the obstacles of "too young", "not enough experience" and "lack of knowledge". With the proper training and a fresh approach those statements can easily change to, "I don't think we need to interview anymore", "we'd like to make you an offer on the spot", "we think you'd make a great fit" and "when can you start!"  Call us now at 414.395.7505 to learn how.

Corporate Planning and Employee Management


Whether your company requires short-term help for an important project or long-term permanent employees, our expert assistance will help you navigate safely through the maze of unqualified candiadtes saving you time, unnecessary training costs and payroll expenses.

Areas of Expertise


Job Development                          Personal Growth & Development

Job Coaching                                Human Capital Management

Job Retention                                Job Shadowing

Soft Skills Training                         "Up to date" Interview Prep

Motivational Interviewing                Custom Mentoring







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