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Q. How do I get started with the employment search?

A.  Immediately after your DVR counselor sends over the authorization (purchase order) for    services, you will be contacted to schedule your initial consultation.


Q. Is there a waiting list?

A.  No we do not have a wait list, we can schedule appointments within 7-10 day of receiving the authorization from the DVR counselor


Q. Is this a temp agency that gets jobs for me?

A.  No, along with your DVR counselor we are part of your team that assists you with becoming job   ready. We will work as hard as you in finding employment. We use our resources and contacts for you and if needed we will go out to develop new contacts for you.


Q. What happens once I find a job, am I left on my own?

A.  We will follow you for 90 days ensuring you and your employer are satisfied. If you or your employer feel like you need additional help to perform better we will be there to provide job coaching as long as your DVR counselor approves. As you continue to work after 90 days your case will be closed successfully.



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